About us

We're Hair for you 

Organic Hairoids is a premium hair & beard solution that contains a combination of various renowned ingredients that specialises in stimulating & accelerating maximum growth.

We are passionate about growth and ensuring the ingredients in the oil is effective, as we infuse natural and organic ingredients with expertise to enhance the potency of our products. That is why we source the best ingredients to make products that not only get the best results but are super beneficial for your hair and beard.
We do not go through life we grow through life, as we grow our product range to bring the life back to your hair and beard!


While most of our customers sees results we can’t promise immediate results as everyone joins us at different stages of their journey. Some might There are other variables that determines the rate of your results such as the consistency in your application of the products.

However what we can guarantee is that you will see improvements within 100 days of consistency in your routine using our product range.

If you still see no results within 100 days we will give you ALL your money back - no questions asked!

How to claim:

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1.Submit before and after photos- Try include exact dates of images taken if possible

2.Answer a few questions about how you used the products.

3.Claim a full refund once we’ve reviewed your responses.